Next on the list of reviews for programming exercise websites is Hacker Rank. This follows reviews for Coding Bat and Project Euler.

Hacker Rank is a major website targeted at competitive programmers. It is also a pretty big company with a market value close to $20 million. Their business model revolves around helping companies finding the best candidates and therefore their exercises are well suited for code interviews.

Their interface is very good on desktop but not responsive, and therefore disappointing on mobile and tablet. One aspect that annoys me slightly is the fact that Hacker Rank is almost unusable when you are signed out. I like to play around a little bit before signing up for a (potentially unknown) website. This is not possible on Hacker Rank and everywhere you click there’s a popup to sign up to the website.

Overall, Hacker Rank does test important interview skills and therefore worth considering if you are preparing for a whiteboard code interview.

Overall classification: 3/5

✅ Good exercises.

✅ Desktop user experience.

❌ Tablet and mobile user experience.

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