This is the second part of a series of posts reviewing code exercise website to practice for a coding interview. I have started the series looking at Project Euler, this post will focus on Coding Bat.

Coding Bat

Coding Bat was one of the first sites to provide the ability to submit your code online. It supports both Java and Python, although the number of exercises available in Python is limited. The code submission form is straight forward to use, and I like how the results are evaluated by checking them against unit tests. We followed a similar approach here here.

The author is an academic and therefore the target audience is students and novices rather than professional software engineers. However, the focus is more on software engineer than maths, and therefore more suitable for interview practice than Project Euler. You will find great code katas about basic data structures and algorithms such as strings and lists. It does not cover more complex code katas.

The main drawback of Coding Bat is the interface, which is a bit confusing and very 1990s. It is hard to find the right exercise and difficult to navigate in general. Coding Bat is almost unusable on mobile and tablet.

If you have time in hand and just want to sharpen your programming skills then Coding Bat in a good option. If your goal is to get ready for a programming interview in a short period I would look elsewhere.

Overall classification: 4/5

✅ Supports online code submission

❌ User Interface

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